Why F+U Secondary School?

Why is our secondary school in Heidelberg the right choice for you? Today’s working environment is characterised by internationality and globalisation. Knowledge of foreign languages and English at a high level are central to professional success.

5 reasons to choose our school:

  1. Bilingual Instruction
    From the fifth grade onwards, we start with bilingual lessons in alternating subjects and continue this concept until the graduation. At our secondary school, bilingual instruction takes place in an additional weekly lesson and is thus a supplement to regular lessons. Bilingual teaching is also useful for children who have problems with foreign languages. It gives them additional access to the English language.
  1. Well-structured and familial atmosphere
    In our small classes the pupils can be better supervised. The result is greater learning success. Our school social work provides additional educational work in order to create a familiar learning atmosphere for the pupils.
  1. Free selection of educational and leisure activities in the afternoon
    In addition to the regular lessons, which usually end at 1 p. m., you have the possibility of a supervision until 5:15 p. m. We offer your children a lunch table, homework supervision, individual tutoring, learning therapies as well as attractive educational and leisure activities.
  1. In the heart of Heidelberg
    We are only a few steps away from Heidelberg’s main train station and are therefore very well connected to the public transportation network.
  2. Universal education
    Our Heidelberg Private School Center offers an integral education path to graduation. This mean that it is possible to the transfer between bilingual Gymnasium and our bilingual secondary school. After graduation, our students may choose not only to continue their studies at the international University of Cooperative Education iba or at the University of Economics, Technology and Culture (HWTK) but also at all universities in all study programs according to admission requirements.