Bilingual Instruction

We are an innovative secondary school and respond to changes in the job market. Communication and information path are developing day by day, and language skills constantly gain in importance. With our bilingual instruction, we prepare students for the internationalisation of the professional world.

Bilingual instruction means that the subjects are taught proportionately in a foreign language – in our case in English. Pupils can choose the bilingual instruction from the fifth grade onwards, which will run continuously up to the 10th grade. They will receive extended English lessons and specialisation in the subjects EWG (earth sciences / economics / community), music and sports. Bilingual tuition comprises at least two hours per week or at least 80 hours per school year.

Our goal is to enable students to communicate fluently and confidently in English and to communicate and discuss a variety of complex and subject-related topics. If they graduate from secondary school with the “Mittlere Reife”, they are highly trained in language competence. The “DESI” study (Deutsch Englisch Schülerleistungen International) proves that the bilingual instruction not only promises success, but also holds on to it. In a representative sample of 38 bilingual classes, the students performed above-average in their communicative skills. In their listening comprehension, they were two years ahead of their classmates without bilingual instruction. They even outperformed them in detecting and correcting grammatical errors.