Head of School / Administration

If you would like to know more about our school or if you would like to make suggestions and criticisms, please contact us. You have the opportunity to address your questions directly to the HPC headmaster, secretariat, our teachers and the contact person for new students.

Please contact us by phone at 06221 7050-101 or with the contact form.

Björn Walden
Schulleiter / Head of School
Tel.: 06221 7050-104
Olga Fribus
Verwaltung / Administration
heidelberg@fuu.de Tel.: 06221 7050-101
Waltraud Meppiel
Verwaltung / Administration
E-Mail: heidelberg@fuu.de Tel.: 06221 7050-101
Jürgen Wadlinger
stellv. Schulleiter / Assistant Head of School