Safety when driving a bus

The fifth graders of our secondary school and their class teacher Mrs. Ogger made an excursion to the bus school of the RNV. They discussed the rules for bus travel and safe boarding and disembarkation with two employees. In the end the children were able to feel like a real bus driver for a moment and to take the wheel of a bus. Our fifth graders had a lot of fun and learned something important for their everyday life.

Advent bazaar at the Heidelberg Private School Center

Do you want cookies, waffles and children’s punch? So do we! For this reason, there will be an Advent bazaar at the HPC again this year. When? December 20th from 3pm to 6pm. Together with their class teacher, each school class prepares a stand with all kinds of delicacies or homemade Christmas decorations. Part of the profits goes to the individual classes, the other part goes to the aid project “Plan International”, which supports school education in Malawi. You are cordially invited to visit us and ring in the holidays with us.
We look forward to your visit!

“Christmas in a shoe box “- students of the HPC give Christmas joys

Many children in our world live in hunger and poverty. The organisation Geschenke der Hoffnung e.V. wants to bring joy to these children with Christmas presents. To this purpose, the “Christmas in a shoe box” campaign was launched. We are happy to support this great project. Our students brought along many small gifts and packed them eagerly in a shoe box. We all enjoyed this action a lot. We hope that in this way the Christmas magic will reach children who do not receive any other gifts.


Open Day at the Heidelberg Private School Centre

On Saturday, the 27th of January 2018, we kindly welcome you to our open day – from 11 am to 4 pm in the Heidelberg Private School Centre. During a varied program you can get to know the schools of the HPC:

  • Exciting rally with great prices
  • Bilingual trial lessons in German and English
  • Short lectures of the head of school
  • Delicious food and drinks

We are looking forward to your visit!

An exciting start – Welcome of the new fifth graders at the HPC

On Tuesday, September 12th, it was time again: The HPC welcomed its new fifth graders. In addition to the 5th grade of the secondary school, this year for the first time a 5th grade of the newly founded bilingual gymnasium was started.
After the official welcome by headmaster Björn Walden, the pupils met their new class teachers Mrs. Ogger and Mrs. Weber for the first time in the classrooms. The following days were also devoted to discovering and getting to know each other. A central programme item was a joint school rally of both classes, which had above all the goal of making it easier for the new pupils to find their way around the new school building. At the end of the week the 5th grade of the secondary school led a trip to the GIS stadium, where they took part in a joint geocaching tour. The 5th grade of the new gymnasium spent this day at the Heidelberg Zoo. In addition to a zoo rally, the students were also invited to shoot a video of an animal of their choice. Afterwards the class returned to school. There they baked pizza together and spent the night in the schoolhouse. This marked the end of an exciting week that was characterized by new impressions and experiences. The HPC is very pleased to welcome the new students as part of the school community!