Our Students

Why choosing a private school? This question is difficult to answer and there is certainly no general answer.

Our students appreciate the small classes, the good supervision and the international approach of our school. Many of our students choose our secondary school because they are “overlooked” at regular schools due to large classes. At our school, At our school it is easier for them to develop further. Likewise, international families who come to Germany for professional reasons also appreciate our school because of its bilingual instruction. Moreover, we are attractive for children of working parents. With our homework supervision, tutoring and all-day supervision, we ensure that your child usually no longer has to work for school at home.

The composition of our classes is based on a balanced mix of students. We strive for a balanced relationship between girls and boys. In our experience, this has a positive influence on the way we deal with each other and on the teaching atmosphere.

The personality of the children is very important to us when admitting students. We make sure that the children feel comfortable in their classroom. Experience shows that they are more motivated and perform better at school.

Interested children can easily take part in a trial day.