School Profile

Our secondary school offers the students a continuous school career from elementary school to Gymnasium. Our bilingual profile promotes early and intensive language acquisition. We focus on the strengths and weaknesses of our students. Our individual support does not only enable them to achieve higher performance, but also to enjoy learning.

Our aspiration:

We accompany our students in their careers and personal development. Due to the small class sizes, we can devote more attention to each student and respond to their individual needs. Difficulties and deficits are compensated for at an early stage with support and tutoring programmes. In addition to the knowledge imparted in class, we attach great importance to the acquisition of social skills.

Our secondary school ends with the “Mittlere Reife”. The diploma paves the way for our students to pursue many professions and to our vocational grammar schools. In order to make it easier for them to decide on an apprenticeship or the Abitur, we present our students their perspectives and support them in their choice.